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Monday Mar 5th 2018 First off, thank you for your thoughts and prayers regarding my wife Dana. She had spent two months in the hospital and rehabilitation, but is now home in her motor coach.  Some home health rehab over the next month,  then we start the migration north. Can you believe that we are into the month of March,  2018. Our first full time RV winter is almost over. Already, there are some snowbirds cleaning their feathers preparing for the flight up north. We have been camped out at the Riverside Resort and Casino RV Park.  This is a unique place with nearly 800 recreational vehicles of all shapes, sizes and condition sharing space.  The lower levels of this facility have “Right/Left spaces.  Down the line, nose in, nose out, nose in and so on. This configuration allows more guests on the property; however the camper shares what little space there is in between the campers with the neighbour.  Some people complain about the lack of space.  I would like to put a little spin on our experience. I enjoy sitting outside the coach, a quarter million dollar rig and a 50 dollar lawn chair. Sitting outside in close quarters, you will meet your neighbours.  In a short space of winter, we have met people from around the country as well as locals who live here long term.  Most all of these people have offered to lend me assistance while Dana was in the hospital.  Rides to the hospital, and grocery shopping saved me hours of bus rides. I am grateful for their assistance, James and Brandi, Harvey and Deloris, Don and Kathy and others who have lent a hand, not only in transportation, but sharing RV maintenance issues.  I have struck up conversation and cultivated some friendships along the way.  It is true that we may never see some of these people again, but then again we may.  Most people in regular homes do not know their neighbours. We have learned that living full time RV gives us an opportunity to connect to humanity. Here is some advice for those who park their rig and turn on the satellite TV.  Pull out your 50 dollar lawn chair grab something from  the frig and watch the parade of humanity around you. Say hi, and odds are you will get a friendly wave, a tip of the hat, and yes, maybe some real conversation with your fellow man. Until next time, enjoy the ride. Friday Jan 5th 2018 Hi fellow campers. Most important update.  My wife Dana is getting a little better. She may be out of ICU at Western Arizona Regional Medical in a day or two. Thank you for your prayers. While the majority of the U.S. is basking in a winter wonderland, the weather here in the southwest is great.  The nights are a little cool, but not 2 below. We are having generator problems.  My new neighbor is also from Washington State, and has some experience in the RV world. We determined that that so call mechanic who looked at the batteries did not know what he was doing.  All six batteries are in good condition. No current getting to the on off switch.  I am now in contact with an RV repair man who has a big box truck loaded with the tools and supplies to get the job done.  Alpha RV’s are known for milky glass issues.  I have found someone to handle that as well.  It looks like we will start migrating north sometime in April or May. After Dana recovers we look forward to a few weeks of boondocking first. In the world of radio, we are developing Full Time RV Internet Radio Three, Swing Baby, Big band plus artist like Frank Sinatra, Even pop orchestras such as Henry Mancini and Sergio Mendez.   In the old days of radio, the format was called M.O.R., or middle of the road. This format goes well with a glass of wine. Until next time, keep the wheels on the road and the bugs off the glass. Mike Monday 1st January 2018 Good Day Campers and Happy New Year A quick post this morning.  Please keep my wife Dana in your prayers.  She is in critical condition at Western Arizona Regional Medical Center in Bullhead City. I will not go into details here of course.  Husband and wife teams make up a large segment of the full time RV community.  At some point many of you will face a situation where one may be hospitalized for a prolonged period.  If your partner cannot communicate, you could be left with a list of items that you  may not be familiar with.  Especially the financial responsibilities. Many women take that on and do an awesome job at it.  It is important that couples are on the same page on the road.  Financial accounts, passwords, access to bank records and so on.  Take a few minutes with each other and discuss what would happen if one if you ended up sick.  Dana may be in the hospital for a while, but the doctors are assuring me that she will be ok. God bless you.  Keep the wheels down and the bugs off the glass. Happy New Year. Mike Carlin Friday 15th December 2017 Hi Campers.  First off, Thank you for all the likes on Facebook @ftrvir  Edward Campbell at Sanodatech.com has been working many hours to maintain our website and social media. We are into our second month in Laughlin Nevada at the Riverside RV Park across from their landmark Riverside Casino. I would like to direct this post to those with health issues who want to travel.  As you know, my wife Dana is disabled, and we were reading posts before our big departure on finding doctors, and those doctors who will be prescribing pain meds including opioids.  Many people online post horror stories when they try to get their medications. In today’s political climate it is most important that you have good communication with your family of doctors, all of them, about what your travel plans are. Depending on your circumstance, chances are your doctor or “provider” as they are now called, will be open and excited about your adventure.  The key is communication.  Most people who are living the full time R.V. lifestyle are free to wonder endlessly as long as there is fuel in the tank and food on the table.  Disabled people do not have as much freedom as that.  It is important to have a region in mind before you depart and make arrangements with your new doctors, especially your pain doctor who prescribes your pain meds. Laws differ from state to state.  Remember, you want to receive your meds on schedule with no lag time.  This takes planning.  Especially so for snowbirds, since most are older.  Doctors’ appointments must be planned many weeks in advance.   This is very important.  Stick to the same pharmacy chain that you have been using. If you use Fred Myers for example, they have a large number of affiliate stores, ie Kroger, Smiths and many others. Talk to your home pharmacy. Research out RV parks close to where your new doctors are located.  Your doctor may ask for proof of an address at your RV Park.  It is important that you do not ever give any indication of doctor shopping.  It is easy to get flagged.  If you plan on traveling to a third location, you can, just plan in advance, and that includes calling the new provider. Many communities in snowbird country provide excellent transportation for disabled people. For those without a car, many have Dial A Ride or other transportation inline with A.D.A. Do Plan Ahead Don’t Panic Don’t believe all the posts you read (except this one of course) Merry Christmas And Happy New Year. Mike Sunday 10th December 2017 Hello campers.  We have been here in Laughlin Nevada for over a month. The Riverside RV Park across from the casino is a nice place to stay for the money.  At this time, our Alpha bus is up on a site that overlooks the city of Laughlin.  Beautiful views of California to the west and Arizona to the east. As many of you may know the winds here have been gusting up to 33 mph for the past week.  This makes sleep a bit difficult when your brain tells you that the coach is going to be pitched head first over the cliff a few feet in front of us.  But the sun is shining and the days are warm.  About 65 to 70.  Compare that to 22 degrees in Washington State. While our stay here at the Riverside has been nice, we attempted to travel to the KOA about 15 miles south across from the Avi Casino.  The KOA Journey is a nice place with a very friendly staff and reasonable rates.  However there are two major concerns that caused us to pull up our wheels and head back to the Riverside.  Be aware that the sale of very large fireworks takes place in the Casinos smoke shop, and they provide a place to set them off, right next to the KOA.  This was not the bang for our buck we expected.  They start at sunset and last until 10 PM.  Eddie the service dog went into panic mode.  We had to leave, however the staff refunded our money.   The area including the RV Park is very sandy.  There are sand dunes around the area.  It does not take much imagination to envision what happened when the winds reached gusts of 35 mph.  The park and the casino were engulfed in a massive sand storm.  The Avi Casino is not as nice as the online pics dictate, however the built in pool and beach are first class. The food in the sit down restaurant is good, however they cannot seem to get an order right.  The portions are way more then someone in their 60s would ever eat.  Dana's steak while tasting excellent was supposed to be medium rare, came out very rare, but ohh so good.  We had lunch there.  My Rubin sandwich, while piled with corned beef did not have the sourkraut or Thousand Island dressing.  The potatoes in the potato salad were not cooked, and the replacement coleslaw was soggy.  Very soggy. I was informed that the chef tossed the potato salad out, so he recognized  his error. Today’s Do’s and Don’ts: Do stay at the Riverside.  Call early for reservations.  If you can get a hillside spot, go for it. In spite of the wind, the view is great. Do stay at the KOA at the AVI.  Large spaces with lots of room.  Remember the sand. When the wind blows, be prepared to handle it, or find a new home. If you do not have animals, you may enjoy the fireworks. Don’t eat at the sit down restaurant.  They have a Subway and Panda Express you may enjoy. That’s it until next time, Keep the wheels on the ground and the bugs off the glass. Enjoy the ride.

Sunday 26th November 2017

Today is a great day. With the help of Edward from Sinoda- tech, we were able to get our main radio station computer on-line again after 2 month brake. We created and launched a new FaceBook, Page a one stop shop for information for both radio stations. I heard a little bird whispering some things in my ear today that said something about FTRVIR Radio 3! Stay tuned for more information on that for 2018

Saturday 11th November 2017

All of us at FTRVIR.US would like to thank our vet’s for their service. Without you, we would not have the right to perform our radio stations in the manor we would like to, free, full and without editing from the government. So to our veterans thank you for your service and God Bless the USA.

Monday 30th October 2017

Good day campers. Day three of the big life experience.  We are currently at seven feathers cessions south of Roseburg OR. On I 5. Besides a top notch paid RV park, the casino offers a place for free parking. You can stay up to 5 nights. Yes, 7feathers would like you to donate at the craps table. Travelling on the five, Seven Feathers is a must, and the gateway to Crater Lake. Mikes do and dont's. Do stay at 7 feathers. Do stay at Sandy’s Riverfront RV Resort in Troutdale OR.. Don’t forget to call you’re KOA in advance and talk to a real human at Cascade Locks. We pulled in, parked and were rudely asked to leave by maintenance crew. A shoutout to a new friend Jon in Greshem OR. A fellow Alphateer. Listen to full time RV Internet Radio at FTRVIR.US Till next time, keep the bugs off the glass and the rubber on the road. Eddie says hi. Bark Bark

Friday 27th October 2017

Hi campers.  Today is departure day for the Mike, Dana and John, plus Eddie the service dog. A lot of prep goes into this date, from finishing up business in our hometown to picking a destination. We are going to be heading south today.  Our destination will be either Yuma AZ or Laughlin NV. As we get closer to departure time from Kennewick Washington,  I still have not chosen the route southbound.   Will it be the coast highway, I 5 or thru Salt Lake City.  We would like to thank Edward And Sue along with Steven and Kerry in Rochester WA for their support. We will be posting picks along with way.  So lets saddle up and hit the road. Happy Trail. Mike

Monday 18th September 2017

First time for everything, for me first time blog on the first day of full time rv life. For those who have traveled the road most dream about, what I am about to share may be old news to you.  Since we are literally at stage one of this adventure this may be of interest to you who are dreaming of the lifestyle like my wife and I did.  So here we are Day One Cutting The Cord  Full time RVers have had to cut the cord with the big house and all the  stuff.  The sad truth is your treasures you worked for over the years will not sell for what you think they are worth.  Be prepared.  Do not visit your treasurers and if you do, never look at the price tag that the estate sale agent placed on it. Don't get me wrong ,we are no whining. Our agent did a great job with a good crew in a timely manner.  Cutting the cord can me an emotional drain.  Be prepared.  Yes  guys, you may shed a tear or two as well.  So here we are in Pasco WA. on our first two days of the RV lifestyle.  The weather is starting to turn.  Getting ready for the big adventure south. Now that the cord is cut, we join the 9 million full time RVers in the U.S.  Save a camp site for us. Mike, Dana,  John and Eddie the service dog.
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